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With everything that the world has been facing lately, the sales in different fields have been heavily affected.

The traditional sales strategies might not work anymore.

It’s time to innovate and implement a digital transformation.

Luckily, the existing tools are here to save your life.

1. Visualize your targets with personas to improve your sales strategy

The buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on biographical and demographic data, psychological criteria, motivations, and objectives.

The buyer persona is not the representation of only one customer, because of course, the characteristics of a customer or individual are unique.

The buyer persona is a representation of your ideal client as a whole, for which you create a complete profile including his professional situation, goals, desires, needs, etc.

Unfortunately, few companies around the world define a persona before creating their content. This prevents them from looking where they really need to look. Indeed, how do you know what to offer to your prospects if you don’t know your persona’s profile?

You don’t just want to attract a person to your website or to buy your products, you want to attract the person who matches your offer, the one who will be interested in your products or services, and the one who will be most likely to become your customer.

This person interested in your products and services is none other than your buyer persona.

Want to easily create your buyer personas? Use Xtensio. It is the easiest way for teams to create, share, and manage documents and presentations with customizable layouts, interactive modules, and adaptable content.

2. Ask for Feedback for a better sales strategy

You can’t make changes to improve your sales strategy if you don’t know what your weaknesses are.

The best and most effective way to know what you did well and what you didn’t actually succeed in, is to directly ask your current customers. These customers were prospects at some point in their journey and can help you look at things from a different angle.

It is true that you succeeded in converting them from prospects to clients, but they might have some insights that can change the way that you look at things.

The easiest way to ask for feedback is by using a feedback tool. With these software, you will be able to create a dynamic and interactive survey in just a few steps.

Feedier is an intuitive platform that automatically collects real-time feedback, provides clear quantifiable insights, and facilitates actions at scale. It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

It delivers a constant flow of insights that empowers your sales team to make decisions, improving people’s experiences based on their environmental needs and behaviors.

Feedier also allows you to storify your feedback into visual journeys that inform your decision making. Using User Story built from contextual information and real-time feedback received at key touchpoints to visualize your data in the most comprehensive way.

3. Use a sales CRM to manage your sales process

A sales CRM is a tool that helps you manage every touchpoint with your prospects or customers throughout the sales process. The touchpoint is any kind of interaction between you and the customer.

The software keeps track of your interactions automatically, classifies the data and sends you alerts to send follow up emails, and much more.

Essentially, a sales CRM makes the process of lead nurturing much easier and more simplified. Both administrative tasks and data organization are automated, so you can spend less time and effort on data entry and focus more on building meaningful relationships with prospects.

Tracking performance metrics allows you to make better decisions-your future success hinges on how well it’s done-so successful companies invest in the best possible data management tools available.

Pipedrive is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management solution that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals. Built using activity-based selling methodology, Pipedrive streamlines every action involved in converting a potential deal into a successful sale. Pipedrive is simple yet robust and is used by numerous small and medium-sized companies across the world.

The system has been designed by experienced web app developers and sales professionals, and you can use it to organize your business leads to get a clear overview of your sales and to focus on priority dea ls.

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