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  • Yasmine Megdiche

    Yasmine Megdiche

  • François Forest

    François Forest

    Hey! I’m François, CEO of Feedier. Currently on a mission to re-invent Feedback and make experience data the new hype.

  • Antoine


    Sport Addict & Tech Enthusiast

  • Katarina Andrejević

    Katarina Andrejević

    Mostly hiding out here to read. You can bribe me with coffee and chocolate. Contributor Growth @

  • Ada Chen Rekhi

    Ada Chen Rekhi

    Founder & COO at Notejoy, a collaborative notes app for you and your team

  • Alexei Vinidiktov

    Alexei Vinidiktov

    Avid language learner and app developer

  • Yam Regev

    Yam Regev

    VP of Marketing, Elementor

  • Tatyana Gonchar

    Tatyana Gonchar

    IT business analyst at Voiptime Cloud, former sales manager

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